“Plastic surgery is becoming more common for a lot of folks and not just women. Plenty of men are considering plastic surgery. It’s faster, cheaper and less painful than ever!” states WGNO News with a Twist column. Whether it’s for purely aesthetic reasons or as an aid to other health problems, in-demand Tijuana plastic surgery for men is starting to enter the spotlight.

“Plastic surgery isn’t a woman’s game anymore. Men want to play ball too!”

When society expects you to have that model physique and exercise just isn’t enough, it’s hard to rewind through the folds of time.

There’s different reasons why more dudes are going under the knife. Weight loss surgery can often leave behind saggy skin, it doesn’t hurt to have a youthful complexion in a competitive job market and some are getting back into the dating pool after a divorce


A number of medically known conditions may warrant enhancements to improve body image concerns for men, too. For instance, the hereditary male-pattern baldness may be treated with hair restoration or hair transplants. Gynecomastia, informally referred to as “man boobs”, may be a result of hormonal imbalances, and may be treated with liposuction or breast reduction techniques. Nose jobs can be a solution to a deviated septum or other structural deformities that can impede proper breathing.

Other cosmetic procedures are available as well, especially for those who want to look and feel great. There’s abdominal etching that trims unsightly flabs and uncovers 6-pack abs. Augmentation and lifts for more masculine features are options for problem areas in one’s body, and rejuvenating facial treatments can also address visible signs of aging.

Consult with established doctors from plastic surgery centers like CosMed Clinic to know your various options for topnotch plastic surgery in Tijuana for men. With the wide range of services offered by leading cosmetic centers, men can definitely boost their overall confidence, or even address certain health concerns effectively.

(Source: Making the Perfect Man: Plastic Surgery on the Rise, WGNO by ABC, January 6, 2014)