Urology Services in Tijuana Mexico 

Dr. Alejandro Lira | Urologist in Tijuana

Dr. Alejandro Lira | Certified Urologist

Dr. Alejandro Lira | Certified Urologist by the American Urological Association

A urologist is a doctor specializing in different diseases and conditions of the urinary tract for both men and women as well as the reproductive tract in men. Dr.Lira is a board certified urologist with years of experience in the field who can help patients find an effective treatment for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. 


Urology services

  • Virtual consultation | Free
  • Circumcision | $2,000 USD 
  • Vasectomy | (20 min.)  
  • Vasectomy Reversal Surgery
  • In person consultation | $70 USD (45 – 60 Mins )
  • Prostate Cancer Screening
  • Other prostate conditions and monitoring
  • Kidney Disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Bladder problems
  • Pennis Prosthetics
  • Renova® , a treatment for erectile dysfunction |  $2,600 US

What is Renova ® ? 

Renova Tech for Erectyle Disfunction

*Renova is a revolutionizing penis revascularization treatment that consists of small shock waves applied directly to its base. Dr. Lira is certified to administer this treatment to men looking to overcome erectile dysfunction. 

These are the top things you need to know about Renova ® :  

  1. It consists of 4 weekly 30 minutes sessions
  2. It doesn’t hurt
  3. All men are candidates
  4. Requires no anesthesia or pre-treatment adjustments
  5. It can be scheduled for the same day as your initial consultation
  6. Patients notice results after the 3rd week of treatment
  7. Treatment benefits last up to a year

If you are interested in meeting with our Urologist, contact us now. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Lira today by calling (619) 494-2215 from USA or (664)608-6461 from Mexico.