Plastic Surgery in Mexico

As people go through life, their bodies go through different changes and challenges which eventually alter how their faces and bodies look. While good grooming, hygiene, proper diet, and consistent exercise can help in minimizing the effects of stress and aging, some improvements can only be obtained through plastic surgery performed by Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

While continued innovation in medicine and technology has made plastic surgery safer than ever, its effectiveness is still heavily dependent on the surgeon that performs the procedure. At Cosmed, you can expect to receive both, as our Tijuana plastic surgery facility is composed of some of the most qualified , experienced and highly sought after surgeons in their respective fields, who use only the best in name brand, and medical grade dermatological products.

Procedures for Different Needs

Whether you want to have a face and skin that looks more youthful, a head with a fuller body of hair, or parts of your body to be more contoured, we have the solution for you. Our surgical services include facial rejuvenation, hair transplant, Gynecomastia procedures, breast surgery, and many others. Our team of doctors are Board Certified in their respective fields, ensuring you are in good hands no matter what type of plastic surgery or non-surgical procedure you are looking to experience at our Tijuana, Mexico, facility.

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