Plastic Surgery After Care Instructions From CosMed Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

Healing feelings are a natural consequence following surgical trauma and injury

Following surgical trauma and injury, you will experience certain healing feelings that are a natural result of your normal anatomy. Whether it is the result of an accident or by surgery, the normal process of healing following any injury is basically the same.

First, right after surgery, scar tissue begins to form acting like a glue in the process of healing, and then becomes solid in about 3 weeks. At that time, lumps, redness, hardness and stiffness can occur around the wounds. This can be on the face, the nose, incisions around the eyes, breast, abdomen or any other part of the body.

You may notice a little difficulty moving muscles near you eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and neck. These healing feelings are only temporary. Of course, speak with your Dr about anything that concerns you.

You may also experience some of these minor symptoms:

  • Itching
  • Minor Sharp Shooting Pains
  • Dull Aches
  • Pins and Needle Sensations
  • Other Strange Feelings

These are just a few of the typical healing feelings patients report. All of these are just confirming that the healing process is occurring as it should, so don’t be concerned. Some discomfort can not be avoided and is part of the experience on your path to complete recovery and the new you!

Healing feelings have to be lived through and experienced by the patient until they subside. The sensations can be treated with analgesics such as Tylenol. Everyone has different reactions to surgery but most patients only experience these healing feeling for a few weeks at most.

To summarize, unless we inform you of problems or complications relating to your surgery, the majority of your healing feelings are part of the normal healing process and are totally gone within one year for most. Please have patience and enjoy the benefits of your surgery throughout this period of time. And don’t forget to send us pictures! We love to see how you have progressed!

Thank you for your confidence.


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