Am I Too Old for Plastic Surgery? 

Are you? No, you’re not! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery “seniors” are getting cosmetic procedures. In the last 5 years alone, the number of men and women 65 and older getting plastic surgery has more than doubled.  



It is not uncommon for some of our female patients in their 60s to come for a consultation, either because they want to get a Facelift, a Tummy Tuck, or Breast augmentation, and ask the surgeon if they’re doing the right thing. The answer, as we discussed with our Facelift expert, double-board certified Dr. Quiroz, is not clear cut. Nevertheless, statistics and our experience with patients in their 60s and 70s is incredibly positive and rewarding. 

Nowadays, life expectancy is well above 70! And now, more than ever before, those in their late 50s or 60s are feeling great, young, and full of life. It’s only natural for our patients to want to look as young and refreshed as they feel. “We have female patients who are over 65 or older, who’ve come to get a breast augmentation or liposuction. This is normal! We are always extremely thorough in making sure that there are no added risks before going through with the surgery.”- Dr. Quiroz

Older men want to look younger too! Regardless of their age, guys want to look fresh and attractive, which benefits both their personal and professional lives. “Most men in their 60s are very much active. They haven’t retired and are also facing competition in the workplace from younger executives. Looking younger and well-rested (reflecting how they feel) also helps them with job security or being considered for a promotion.” Comments Dr. Quiroz, Cosmed Clinic plastic surgeon. 


Facelift surgery | Dr. Quiroz

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plástico Surgery, the number of people over 65 getting facial rejuvenation surgery, including full facelifts or simpler eye lifts, has more than doubled in the last two decades.  In 2015 alone, more than 40 thousand eye lifts and 37 thousand facelifts were performed on patients 65 or older. What’s more interesting is that most of these patients are new to plastic surgery, meaning they had never had a surgical cosmetic procedure before. 

Facelift surgery- female patient. Cosmed Clinic

Dr. Quiroz | Facelift Expert

While plastic surgery does not prevent time from passing or the effects of aging from showing, plastic surgery makes patients look better for decades and age more gracefully. “We have a patient who had a Facelift with Dr. Quiroz when she was in her 50s and now, almost 30 years later, she looks amazing. She definitely does not look 80, looks natural, and is thinking about getting a touch-up, known as ‘secondary facelift’ for 80th birthday. This is completely safe as long as her general health and skin allow it, something Dr. Quiroz will certainly make sure of,” comments Christine Mendoza, Dr. Alejandro Quiroz’s patient coordinator. 


Cirugía de Facelift | Dr. Quiroz | Facelift Surgery Male Patient


What are the Plastic Surgery procedures to make me look younger and generally more attractive? 

Facial rejuvenation procedures are among our patients’ favorites! These surgeries will take years off your face while making sure you look naturally younger. The techniques and methods perfected by Dr. Quiroz, our chief of plastic surgery, and our board-certified doctors guarantee natural results that will boost your attractiveness and self-esteem. 

Some of our most popular surgeries are:

  • Eyelid surgery
  • Facelift
  • Eyes and crown lift
  • Browlift
  • Facelift and neck lift (For most patients, they can be performed on the same day)
  • Otoplasty or ear surgery 


In addition to our surgeries, at COSMED we also offer non-invasive rejuvenating treatments. Depending on your goals, they can be performed on their own or used in addition to surgery, as a complement or a perfecting detail. Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons is also an expert in injectables, like Botox® and dermal fillers. For example, you can replenish lost volume on your hands, a part of the body that shows signs of aging quite early, with fillers like Radiesse. 

Relleno en manos con Radiesse®

Relleno en manos con Radiesse® | Dermal fillers in hands

If you’d like additional information, schedule a consultation or get a quote on surgery, don’t wait and contact us today. You can call us at (664)414-9011 or email us at If you want to speed up the process, you can also send us your pictures for a virtual consultation. Take good quality photos front and profile pictures of the area you’d like to improve and email them to us. Remember that age is only a number! Our board-certified surgeons are always eager to help patients look and feel their best.