After weight-loss surgery with Dr. Quiroz

If you’ve been battling with obesity, then you probably know that the day you reach your goal weight is a big moment. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this is also the day when they realize that the journey to getting a healthy body back is not over. When you lose a large amount of weight, either by diet and exercise or with extra help from Bariatric surgery, it’s normal to have excess folds of skin. Saggy skin is not only unattractive, but it’s also heavy and a constant reminder for people of the excess pounds they used to carry. When weight loss is substantial, heavy and saggy rolls of skin does not go away with traditional methods (diet and exercise), no matter how long and hard you try.  This is when after weight-loss plastic surgery comes in. 


After weight-loss surgery: the patients’ journey

Cosmetic surgery is designed, by principle to help patients achieve the best version of themselves. Post-weight loss plastic surgery takes things up a level and helps after-weight loss patients conquer the last battle of their weight loss journey. Through lower and upper body lifts, liposuction, skin removal, and other procedures, patients can recuperate a healthy figure, tone, and a youthful appearance.

We talked directly with surgeon Dr. Alejandro Quiroz who has been performing after weight-loss surgery for more than 3 decades. To sum up some of the things Dr. Quiroz told us about after weight-loss plastic surgery, it’s important to note: 

  • Bariatric patients and weight-loss patients have specific needs. The surgeon they choose to work with MUST have experience with after weight-loss procedures. Having been obese can lead to health challenges and increased risks during surgery, but an experienced surgeon will take all the precautions necessary. 
  • It is 100% safe to have this elective surgery abroad. A good surgeon will coordinate efforts with your local primary care doctor so that you have a full support team once you return home. 
  • After weight-loss plastic surgery is always evolving! Surgeons like Dr. Quiroz are constantly studying and implementing the most advanced techniques that allow for comfortable recovery, minimized incisions and scarring and overall great experience for patients. 
dr quiroz on surgery

Dr. Quiroz on surgery

Additionally, we also spoke with some of his former patients, so you can have a better idea of what the patient journey is like. 

Talking to some of his patients, we were happy to discover that patients learn a lot while preparing for their after weight-loss surgeries. “You can’t take your safety for granted. I chose Dr. Quiroz who is board certified in Mexico and the US. I learned a lot about plastic surgery during the process,” commented one patient. “I learned the importance of going to a surgeon who has experience in body lifts, I learned to ask about the facility and medical care available in case of an emergency.”

We made the most out of these conversations with our patients and asked about a topic that is on every potential patient’s mind: pain and pain management after weight-loss surgery.  “For every surgery, you need to expect some type of pain. I knew that my lower body lift procedure would not be pain-free,” confesses another of Dr. Quiroz’s patients. “However, the pain I experienced was very minimal. My advice to others is to always keep up on their pain meds. Be proactive. I did that and had little pain and minimal discomfort. Dr. Quiroz  and the nursing team were on top of things if I had discomfort: checking my pain meds, getting me cold packs or pillows.” 


When asked why they chose Dr. Quiroz as their surgeon, both patients talked about the research and word of mouth that eventually lead them to Dr. Quiroz. We recommend every patient to investigate and be thorough with their requirements for a surgeon. 

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who understands your unique needs for after weight-loss surgery, look no further than Dr. Quiroz.  

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