Whip your body into shape with help from our experts


Cosmed Clinic in Tijuana offers options when it comes to weight loss surgical procedures.


As non-surgical body contouring and sculpting procedures continue to grow in popularity, it is important to identity the differences between each procedures and know if you are and ideal candidate for one of this body-altering procedures.

The trending phenomenon of these procedures can be linked to the growing obesity problem in the world — specifically in the U.S. and Mexico — However it is also a way for men and women to achieve the perfect version of their bodies. Before going to a local spa or to your local dermatologist’s office to undergo any procedure.

These surgeries are usually referred to as non-invasive fat-reduction treatments, and they produce noticeable and measurable results in your body. At Cosmed, several body-contouring procedures and surgeries are offered by our experts.


The in-house experts at Cosmed specialize in plastic surgeries that focus on weight loss. Our experts treat numerous patients on a daily basis and know first hand that obesity and problems associated to weight loss affect more than just the patient’s appearance and self-esteem, it can also affects their health. Serious health problems including asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes and certain cancers can arise as a result of a person’s weight.


So, let’s figure out which procedure is right for you.


Cool Shaping

 This procedure hold the promise of eliminating love handles and bra bulge with the help of some cooling paddles. If you are someone who is looking for a mild improvements, this is a body-contouring treatment is non-invasive and an alternative to the one-stop-shop major fat removal procedures like liposuction.

A doctor will use a set of medical “plates” that reach temperatures as low as – 10 Celsius for selective freezing of fat cells. The freezing causes fat cells to be gradually eliminated from the body naturally.

The treatment time is less than 1 hour and patients usually need between one and three sessions. Each session are completed every couple of months.




 If you need a little more help, and have a BMI (Body Mass Index) lower than 30 you are eligible for a liposuction. These patients would more likely be referred to one of our weight loss experts such as a: nutritionists, life coaches and/or for bariatric surgeons

For liposuctions it is important to note that while it can be ideal for body contouring, it is not designed as a tool for major weight loss.

An ideal candidate for a liposuction is someone who is already near their ideal body shape and weight and is simply looking for a little help in a certain area.



Bariatric surgery

If you are someone who has a BMI greater than 30, then you are more likely to be recommended for a bariatric surgery, such as the gastric sleeve surgery.

A sleeve gastrectomy is a permanent, lifetime commitment that requires a surgeon to remove the majority of the patient’s stomach, which results in a much smaller stomach pouch that will restrict the intake of food into an individual’s body. This helps the person lose weight over time, and see both noticeable and measured results.

The smaller stomach then produces less of the hormone, Ghrelin, which stimulates the hunger sensation. Because of the reduction of this hormone resulting from surgery, patients do not feel as hungry between meals. In addition to this procedure, VIDA Wellness and Beauty offers a support system that helps obese patients keep the excess weight off by offering nutrition counseling and mental health support.

An important detail for patients who undergo a bariatric surgery is that the procedure can often leave an excess amount of skin. Getting rid of this excess skin can often be complicated; it is best to reach out to an expert plastic surgeon, like Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, if that is a concern.

For a consultation to see which of this of these procedures is right for you, please call 877-211-8529.