Hand Rejuvenation Plan

There is an old saying, “If you want to know a woman’s age, look at her hands.” Fortunately, the team at COSMED has developed a hand rejuvenation plan to restore a youthful look and feel.

There is an old saying, “If you want to know a woman’s age, look at her hands”. But now, there are new and increasingly popular hand rejuvenation procedures that can protect you from being “outed” in such a manner.

As you get older, your hands lose volume, fat and elasticity. The fatty layer of the hand disappears, so the skin is more translucent and shriveled, and you see underlying structures like bones, tendons and veins. Also, the skin develops discoloration like sun spots/age spots and rough wart like spots as the result of lifelong sun exposure with little to no sunscreen use and aging.

Aging is no longer measured by crow’s feet and saggy jowls (for which corrective procedures are increasingly common), but by the dorsal, or top, part of the hands, where the skin is thinner and tends to crinkle over time. Look at Madonna or Sarah Jessica Parker. They have amazing bodies and skin, but their hands have aged.  Fortunately, the team at COSMED Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico, has developed a Hand Rejuvenation Plan, led by board certified dermatologist, Dr. de la Fuente.  In this blog post, Dr. de la Fuente answers questions about the new Hand Rejuvenation Plan.

What is the COSMED Hand Rejuvenation Plan?

The Handlift encompasses the combination of light source treatments, like fractional lasers and/or IPL with synthetic fillers or fat injections.

How does each part of the Hand Rejuvenation Plan work?

Fillers or fat are injected under the first layer of the skin to plump it, giving volume to the hands and lessening the appearance of veins and bony structures. At COSMED we strongly favor re-injecting fat from the derriere or thighs into the tops of the hands over all over methods because synthetic fillers could be expensive and not as long- lasting as fat, which has less chance of being rejected. Another reason is that the fat contains stem cells, which may help to improve even more the appearance of your skin. Downtime: none.

hand lift

New Hand Rejuvenation treatments give hands a fuller, younger look.

Fractional lasers like Fraxel helps in removing wrinkling, scars, discoloration, and at a certain point has some skin tightening properties plus the resurfacing effect which smoothes the skin’s surface and stimulates the production of collagen. The tiny microscopic holes that the laser produces help the pigment underneath the skin to get eliminated, especially when it is combined with IPL. Downtime: 2-3 days.

IPL or broadband light emits pulses of light that are only absorbed by broken capillaries and pigment, lessening skin redness and blasting away sun spots or age spots. In our experience, this treatment is the best option for severely pigmented hands with some degree of redness. Hands look younger as sun spots and uneven pigmentation fade. Downtime: none.

What are the secondary effects?

The most common expected reactions depend on the combination of treatments, being the most common local bruising, tenderness, redness, swelling and superficial scabs which usually last no longer than 2 weeks.

If you’re interested in adding a hand rejuvenation procedure to your next aesthetic surgery, or just want to do the final touch up to your figure, ask for the team approach by COSMED’s plastic surgeons and dermatologist to determine which combination of treatments is the most appropriate for your hands.

Remember that in order to prevent the appearance of aging hands, the best options are avoiding excessive sun exposure, the use of a sunscreen with SPF30+ UVA/UVB, plus creams specifically made to treat your hands.