Dr. Quiroz's interview aired today on LifeTime TV

Dr. Quiroz’s interview aired today on LifeTime TV

Did you catch Dr. Quiroz on LifeTime TV this morning? During his interview with the hosts from The Balancing Act, he answered some of the most common questions people have about cosmetic surgery in Mexico. Some of those question included:


  • How can you save 50% on Cosmetic Surgery?
  • What are the top procedures done at CosMed Clinic?
  • How does CosMed Clinic handle follow up visits or consultations when patients live across the border?
  • How do medical rules and safety standards in Mexico compare to other countries?
  • Is it safe to travel in Mexico?

CosMed Clinic’s Dr. Quiroz answers all of these questions and more during his December 6, interview with the hosts of The Balancing Act

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