the-health-benefits-of-safe-and-trusted-liposuction-in-mexicoContrary to what most people believe, liposuction is not only to be desired for aesthetic reasons alone, but for its health benefits, as well. In a study published in the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery recently, the report shows that liposuction also helps lower fat levels in the patient’s blood. The study, which was published in on March 9, 2013, reveals the hidden health benefit that liposuction inevitably gives to its patients.

According to the article:
Over three hundred liposuction patients underwent analysis of fat levels in their blood, measured as triglycerides, before and after surgery. A high level of these fat molecules is well-known to increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, causing strokes and coronary artery disease. The study findings reveal that liposuction, which reduces the total amount of body fat, also reduces triglyceride levels in men and women who have at-risk levels before surgery.

Liposuction helps reduce the volume of fatty tissues in the body, paring down as well all other substances produced by fat cells themselves. Shrinking triglyceride levels correlate with the amount of fat removed in patients. A post liposuction procedure enables patients to approach their ideal body weight more closely because liposuction reduces a greater percentage of body fat compared with other weight reduction surgeries.

Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery whereby body fats are removed and the excess bulge cut away to reshape the body. The most common areas targeted by this procedure are the thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen. Most people admit to desiring a more positive body image as reason to go for this the surgery, and often opt for it where diet or exercise has failed.

However, when looking for the best liposuction in Mexico, you have to be physically healthy and psychologically stable to undergo this procedure. You have to be aware of the limitations of the procedure and be realistic about the outcome. It is best suited for people with a healthy weight index, who might have pockets of fats in given areas, but whose skin are yet firm enough and elastic.

People should still remember that a liposuction in Mexico is not the answer to reduce weight or cure one’s obesity. For advise, visit established medical centers like the Cosmed Clinic with specialists who ensure medical safety to their patients, including preparation and post-surgery information care.