Are you Ready for the Super Hero Makeover?

Liposculpture and Abdominal Etching Is the Super Hero makeover right for you? Contact COSMED Plastic Surgery Center to request a free virtual consultation According to the latest research from American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more men are investing in their looks. In fact, according to the report, plastic surgery for [...]

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Abdominal Etching: Ending the Chase for Chiseled Abs

Abdominal Etching FAQ Do you seek a lean, more defined abdominal physique?  Are you frustrated that countless stomach crunches, diets, and endless hours at the gym are ineffective at producing the six-pack you seek?  If so, abdominal etching or abdominal liposculpture may be the solution for you. What is Ab Etching? Abdominal etching or abdominal liposculpture is a cosmetic [...]