The following face lift success story was submitted by a patient of Dr. Carlos Castañeda, plastic surgeon at COSMED Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico.

Before and After Facelift Surgery in Mexico

Before and After Face lift Surgery in Mexico

after face lift mexico

Today, after her face lift in Mexico

“At first, I was going to go to Costa Rica to have my face lift. But things happened that made me change my mind.  First, they were very secretive wouldn’t send me pictures over the internet. Also, my aunt was suppose to go with me but she passed away before we left. Then, when I got to the airport, my flight was grounded so instead of making arrangements to get there, I decided to just go home. I lost $500.00 from the place I made arrangements to stay at but I just had a feeling it wasn’t right.

Next, I went and had a consultation with a Doctor in Newport Beach. He wanted $14,000.00 to do a face and neck lift! Well, I couldn’t afford that. So my friend who had a hair transplant suggested I  look in Tijuana.

I got on the internet and found COSMED. I found out how open and honest they were besides affordable for the money I had saved. I sent a message and picture to Dr. Castaneda. Then, I found out they were on Facebook and found Becky. How wonderful she made me feel! It was so much better to talk with her about having this procedure done. What a relief!

Then, Dr. Castaneda called me. I made a appointment for my consult went and saw him.  He made me feel assured about the whole procedure. I went down on a Sunday night. I live an hour and a half away. I  stayed at the Recovery Boutique where they were very helpful and wonderful.

I woke Monday morning and went up to the office where Dr. Castaneda met me. He walked me to another room to take my before pictures. I went back to my room where a nurse asked me to put a pill under my tongue and I did. I was walking to the surgery room when the door flew open and there was Dr. Castaneda with that big beautiful smile that makes you feel safe. I woke up in the surgical facility and  went back down my room at the boutique, watched a movie and  slept.  I wasn’t in any pain and did take pain meds.

I stayed at the Recovery Boutique for 3 days. I talked a lot on the phone out on the balcony from my room. Very good food, nice people, very helpful. I went home and returned to have my stitches out. I am very happy with my results to date. I think Dr. Castaneda is a fabulous surgeon and recommend him. The whole experience was beyond my expectations and would recommend COSMED.”

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