protect your skin

Tell a friend! Get your skin checked before you head into the sun this summer.

In support of Skin Cancer Awareness month, CosMed Clinic is offering complementary Digital Complexion Analysis for the face with the Visia system. CosMed Clinic’s Digital Complexion Analysis is performed by a board certified dermatologist (not a technician!) who can give you a better understanding of the state of your skin, as well as a private consultation on how you can improve it.

This complimentary digital evaluation involves taking pictures of your face, that we can then analyze for spots, redness, pores, wrinkles and texture. The professional evaluation also includes an aging simulator, where we can predict your face’s future condition if we don’t make an medical intervention.

In addition to identifying and helping to prevent skin cancer and other skin disorders, the digital evaluation provides important information customized to your skin type, so that you can develop an individual skin care program that is best for you.  A professional digital evaluation will also help enhance the long term results of cosmetic surgery.

Book your Free Digital Complexion Analysis today.

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