Glowing skin and a toned up body isn’t just for A-Listers.

The 84th Annual Academy Awards is the prefect time to see Hollywood A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and more look their best as they walk down the red carpet.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get the same glowing skin, toned up body and anti-aging benefits of today’s highest quality cosmetic  procedures. Here’s a list of the trending non-surgical beauty procedures to get you looking and feeling like an A-lister.

Sleep and Peel
This innovative Anti-aging Skincare treatment is only available to select medi-spas, and not yet available in the US.  This non-invasive procedure is specially designed to soften, brighten & regenerate your skin, while you sleep. Learn more about this procedure here

Meso C
This treatment provides a brightening and rejuvenation effect that is immediate and long lasting. Not yet available in US, the strong 8% pure Vitamin C powder dose is kept in an air tight and light resistant packaging that preserves its properties until opened to use. This ultra-powerful anti-oxidant form of Vitamin C reinforces collagen production, stimulates the tissues and provides brightness to the skin. Learn more about this procedure here

While Thermage has been used to treat the signs of aging around the eyes on face, the use of Thermage on the body is a newer technique. Thermage is a safe and simple non-surgical procedure that can reduce the appearance of aging and sagging skin by applying radiofrequency energy to the skin. Plus, there’s absolutely no down time or scarring. Learn more about this special procedure and a special offer here.

All of these procedures and more are available at CosMed Plastic Surgery Center and Medi-Spa. Contact CosMed today learn which procedure is best for you. Visit