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With the money saved on plastic surgery in Mexico, patients from Canada are opting to stay a little longer for some vacation-style healing time.

Word has gotten out. Mexico offers more than a great value on plastic surgery, but also access to high quality, board certified surgeons and the opportunity for healing in a vacation-like setting.

Plastic Surgery Mexico

“The price is amazingly less expensive. I can afford an entire vacation and the procedure.” said Deanne.

Men & women from Canada are traveling over a thousand miles to COSMED Plastic Surgery Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Located in the new VIDA Wellness & Beauty Institute, the clinic offers a spa-like environment that rivals any US or Canadian plastic surgery clinic.

“The faculty is immaculate and sterile,” said Deanne, a plastic surgery patient from Canada. “The state of the art equipment put my mind at ease that they are not taking any shortcuts. You  would never know you were in Mexico.”

Deanne, who had rhinoplasty, a breast lift and implant replacement, along with botox and fat transfer to the face, first met Dr. Quiroz while he was working at a practice in Orange Country, California. He later opened COSMED Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico and she followed him.

“I figured it’s not the place but the faith and trust I have in Dr. Quiroz. His credentials, expertise, and how happy I have been with what he has done- I would never go to any other surgeon” she said.

In addition to Dr. Quiroz, COSMED is home to several prominent board certified plastic surgeons including Dr. Castañeda and Dr. Fuentes as well as Dr. de la Fuente, a dermatologist experienced in both clinical and cosmetic Dermatology. All of the surgeons have undergone rigorous training to remain at the top of their fields, continually updating their techniques and surgical knowledge.

Besides her trust in COSMED, the second reason Deanne travels from Canada to Mexico for plastic surgery is the price. “The price is amazingly less expensive. I can afford an entire vacation and the procedure. “

But the cost savings of having plastic surgery in Mexico is  just part of the attraction. The quality of care and doctor patient relationship is proving it’s worth the extra distance.

“What many of my Canadian patients have in common is complaints about their health system,” explained COSMED plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Castañeda. “They always appreciate the closer patient-doctor relationship we provide here in Mexico.“

Kelsey traveled from Canada to Mexico for breast augmentation. She chose COSMED not only because of the credentials and qualifications of the plastic surgeons and staff, but because she wanted to “have a vacation at the same time so I could heal well.”

plastic surgery

Kelsey traveled from Canada to Mexico because she wanted to “have a vacation at the same time so I could heal well.” She spent a week after surgery with a friend in San Diego, just a few miles from COSMED.

“My advice to other Canadians would be to take a friend or family member with you to stay with you and make sure you stay for one week after surgery. I stayed for two weeks, but the second week I stayed in San Diego so I was close by. Make sure you feel 100% confidant in your decision and have realistic expectations for your results. I would go back to Mexico for other procedures but only to COSMED Clinic.”

Kelsey went on to say that “COSMED is beautiful. I felt right at home and the staff was very friendly and Dr. Quiroz was great. He understood the result I was looking for and took time to answer any questions I had.”

COSMED Plastic Surgery Center is located across the border in Tijuana, which is conveniently located next to the neighboring city of San Diego, California.  Earlier this year, COSMED moved to the new VIDA Wellness & Beauty Institute, which is also home to the new Recovery Boutique.   The partnership with the Recovery Boutique hotel provides a convenient, stress-free way for plastic surgery patients to heal under the care of registered nurses.

“Every step of the way was organized by COSMED. COSMED was there for me from landing at the airport to making sure I got back across the border safely with a driver. When I stayed at the hotel we had transportation to and from the hotel to the clinic which was great! My friend and I never felt unsafe during our whole time there,” said Kelsey.

breast augmenation mexico

Self portrait of Kelsey, a Canadian who had breast augmentation surgery at COSMED Plastic Surgery in Mexico with Dr. Quiroz.

“Travel to Mexico is easy and painless,” agrees Deanne. “COSMED offers border pickup and drop off so it makes the cross border experience seamless. I feel very comfortable at COSMED. They are very friendly and helpful. I plan on returning to Mexico to for a facelift and a new set of breasts. I am so happy with the results I have had.”

“I am extremely happy with my results! I would recommend Dr.Quiroz to anyone! The surgery has changed my life as I have more confidence and feel great since my surgery.” said Kelsey

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