Body Lift and Breast Lift in Mexico Success Story

The following success story was sent to us by a patient of Dr. Quiroz who had a Lower Body Lift and Breast Lift with implants at CosMed Clinic in Mexico. She is excited to share part of her journey with you.

Dana’s Story:

Dana, Age 36. Procedures: Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift with Implants. Weight Loss: 190 lbs

Dana, Age 36. Procedures: Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift with Implants. Weight Loss: 190 lbs

“When I was overweight, I only watched others enjoyed themselves and couldn’t participate in any physical activity. Besides that, being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 30 and suffering from very high blood pressure pushed me to loose the weight. I managed to loose up to 100 lbs alone but gained them back, I knew I could do it, but needed help. That’s when I decided to have Gastric By-pass surgery and I lost 198lbs.

Health-wise I felt much, much better after the surgery but could not say the same for my self-image. I had a tremendous excess of skin all over my body following the weight-loss, and was very conscious of it.

I started to research on the internet about after weight loss surgery and found CosMed and Dr. Quiroz. A friend, and I went to our first consultation, and I was so impressed with CosMed Clinic. As a clinic, the facilities were impeccable, and the staff very helpful and professional, but most importantly, Dr. Quiroz’s willingness to answer any questions and his kind treatment convinced me to have the surgery the next week.

The surgeries I had were a little painful and the extended recoveries were uncomfortable, but when I look at myself today, I feel I would do it all over again.

Dr. Quiroz helped me become a participant in life, instead of an observer. I can rollerblade with my kids, dance, and most of all, to enjoy great health without any medication or worry. I recommend this to anyone who is going through something similar to what I went through that wants to transform their life.”

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