9 Tough Questions To Ask BEFORE
Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

1 Why Is Board Certification Such A Big Deal For Plastic Surgeons? And How Can You Tell The Difference in Quality from One BC’d Plastic Surgeon to Another?
2 If This Is Your Specialty How Many Years And How Many Times Have You Performed It?
3 What Are The Risks Or Complications Involved In This SPECIFIC Procedure, And What Is YOUR Complication Rate With This Procedure?
4 How Can I Know If I’m a Good or Bad Candidate For Plastic Surgery? Also, If I AM a Good Candidate What Should I Do Before Surgery To Speed Up My Recovery Time?
5 Is Your Clinic Accredited And Do You Have Hospital Privileges At An Accredited Hospital If Something Goes Wrong? (Where?)
6 Can You Provide Me With 10 References Of Patients Who Have Used You For This Procedure Who Can Vouch For Your Character And Competence?
7 Have You Ever Had Your Medical License Suspended Or Revoked Or Are You On Probation? And, Have You Settled Any Malpractice Or Negligence Lawsuits?
8 What Type Of Anesthesia Will Be Used During My Procedure, And What Kind Of Complications Are Associated With It?
9 If I Am Dissatisfied What Are My Options And What Is Your Revisions Policy?