Post Bariatric Surgery Success Story

Sara Keenan after weightloss surgery

Sara is giving away
all of her 3X + 4X size clothes since losing 170 pounds
(Photo by Dan Coyro – Santa Cruz Sentinel)

We love hearing success stories from our clients!

Former patient, Sara Keenan recently told the Santa Cruz Sentinel that she is giving away all of her 3X and 4X size clothes since losing 170 pounds. She explained that she’s been able to maintain this incredible weight loss thanks to a new diet, exercise, and post bariatric surgery with CosMed’s Dr. Quiroz. We are so proud of her dedication and perseverance throughout her weight loss journey!

More about Sara’s Weight Loss Journey:

After looking death in the face, Sara realized that she needed to lose a large amount of weight in order to live.  Weighing over 300 pounds, Keenan was struck with pneumonia, which was triggered by taking a narcotic for her back pain.  She realized then that in order to continue living, she needed to lose some weight.

After dropping an incredible 170 pounds, Sara Keenan searched long and hard to find the right doctor to remove the excess skin that remained.  That’s when she found Dr. Quiroz and learned about her options for plastic surgery after weight loss. Now, at age 53 Sara is turning more heads than ever before!

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